Our History

Founded in 1908 as the Winget Concrete Machine Company with the UK rights to a ‘moulded concrete block machine’ originally developed in America. Over 100 years on WINGET has operated from works in Hartlepool, Dursley in Gloucestershire, Warwick, Rochester in Kent and in Lincolnshire before becoming part of the ‘Seddon Engineering Group’ in Bolton Lancashire in 1991.

1915 saw the creation of the ‘Tilting Drum Warwick mixer’ and in the 1950’s the development of larger Mechanical units and WINGET have been renowned for Quality Site Mixers ever since!


Winget overseas markets were becoming well developed in the 1930’s and by the mid 1940’s were represented in over fifty different sales territories throughout the World including countries like Australia & New Zealand and throughout the Caribbean and Africa where relationships and Winget’s popularity remains strong today.


The future requires focus and determination to increase our Customer base and Global Markets for current WINGET products and any new additions, whilst listening to the voice of the customer to remain as relevant tomorrow as we are today!

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